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I created a comprehensive video of almost everything I know about ADHD, and how I go about choosing the right medication for a patient. This videos covers all children, teenagers, and adults. I discuss the following: 1) the clinical definition of ADHD (as documented in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-version 5), 2) the different types of ADHD medications on the market, and 3) how I go about helping patients choose the best medication. Hopefully, you will come away with a greater understanding of this complex diagnosis, and you will be armed with a great deal of knowledge if/when you speak to your provider or others about ADHD. The target audience is anyone, really: patients, caregivers, advocates, students, colleagues. Knowledge is power! Feel free to make an appointment with me if you live in Virginia or North Carolina and are interested in beginning ADHD treatment. Just go to the Appointment Request Form at the top of the page, fill out some basic information, and our office will be in touch.  Treating ADHD correctly can be a game-changer for patients overnight, which is one of the reasons I love treating it.  Not a lot of conditions respond that quickly to medication in the mental health field.  I hope you find the video helpful.