Superbill Payment Info

Intake Appointment: 60 mins that involves medication management and therapy is included -- $350. I do take credit card information that is stored encryptically with CyberInsurance. I only charge the card after the appointment is completed. 

Follow-up appointments: 30 mins of medication management and therapy. $175 for 30 mins. Credit card paid after appointment. Look to the right. Typical reimbusrsements. 

School Medication Form: If done during the appointment free. If outside, $25. 

Other Forms (like FMLA): $25 for the first page, $10 every page afterwards.

Additional work: We will discuss the fee in advance.

Court testifying: We will discuss the fee in advance.

Work or school note: If done during the appointment free. If outside, $25.


At the end of the appointment, I email you a Superbill that is a gridded form that every health insurance requires and accepts. I send it as a PDF file that you print and then mail. The address is at the top of the form. Please check with your health insurance company first to make sure they reimburse for "out of network providers." The reimbursement are quite good --  just look turn your RIGHT ---->

If you have any questions, this site helps you with some faqs.


Here are actual reimbursement checks from Insurance companies. Some patients actually MADE money! Check with your carrier to confirm they reimburse out-of-network claims for out-of-network providers like me. Please look below and see for yourself! I want your trust, and proof is the best way to reassure you that pt's are being paid back!


Patient A: $175 for 30 min appt. Optima reimbursed $156.25. Net cost: just $18.75!

Patient B: Initial Appt was $350 & Optima returned with a $370.43 check, so "A" made a profit of $20.23! Pretty crazy to think you could make money from a doctor's appt.


Patient C: Anthem gave "C" a $302.05 check for the $350 appt. Net cost $47.95!