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Finding the proper diagnosis

Dr. Sachs understands that psychiatry can be one of the most complex medical specialties because, unlike many other medical fields, there are no definite tests, imaging, or procedures that give us the exact answer. A psychiatrist works to develop a diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to the individual, often in tandem with other specialists. There are absolutely no outside influences -- no drug company pressures, no insurance pressure, and no "one size fits all" standard of care. If you lined up 100 psychiatrists, sometimes you could get 100 different diagnoses for the same mental condition, along with 100 treatment ideas. You may have already been given diagnoses by others, but you will get a fresh take. We will start from scratch with the diagnostic process, and we will either find new ways to approach the issue or continue what has already been working for you.

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Targeting the right treatment

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Our brain chemistries are all unique. There are hundreds of mental health medications available for treatment. My duty is to find the best fit for you as an individual. What works for a relative or friend may not work best in your case. I will work with you to find the right combination (single or multiple) medications to help your reach your maximum potential.  I will need your help, though.  We each pull 50%. Whether it’s exercise, therapy, mindfulness, work, staying active and busy is something every patient to help themselves.  50% effort on each end, mine and yours, equals a 100% chance of success.