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Dr. Sachs understands that psychiatry can be one of the most complex medical fields because, unlike most other medical specialties, there are no easy answers: no definitive bloodwork, X-rays or CT scans, or common procedures that make psychiatry simple.  Every brain is unique - that's why there are hundreds of mental health drugs, and new ones all the time.  I develop a diagnosis and treatment plan tailored to every individual because everyone is unique. In my office, I take pride in my independence -- no drug company pressures, no insurance pressures, and no "one size fits all" standard of care. If you asked 100 psychiatrists, you might get many different answers and treatment plans for the same "problem." How do you pick the best psychiatrist you can? By looking at the provider's feedback, experience, place of training, credentials, and, of course, word of mouth.  You may have already been diagnosed, but if needed, I can give you a fresh take (evaluation). We can continue a successful treatment program already in progress, or embark on a new journey to solve an existing or new issue. I'm your co-pilot either way. Thank you for landing here. I hope you find the experience worth your while.  Every question you have is probably answered somewhere on this website, but if not, just text the office at 757-219-2753 and we'll get back to you ASAP. Look forward to seeing you at your next appointment!

Finding the proper diagnosis

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Targeting the right treatment

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Our brain chemistries are completely unique. There are hundreds of mental health medications available for treatment. My duty is to find the best fit for you as an individual. What works for a relative or friend may not work best in your case. I will work with you to find the right medication(s) to help your reach your maximum potential.  I may communicate with your therapist to make sure we are on the same page and collaborate on treatment.  Two heads are always better than one.  I will need your help, too. Whether it’s exercise, therapy, mindfulness, work, volunteering, reading, starting a hobby -- anything you can do on your end will help us reach our goal that much faster. If we can each put in 50%, we will reach 100% -- your goal -- that much more quickly.