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Tele-Psychiatrist in VA, NC, & DC
ADHD Specialist for Children, Teenagers, & Adults 
Treats Almost All Psychiatric Issues, All Ages

MD-Only Treatment.

60 min initial eval & treatment =  $275.
30 min follow-up = $135.
Minimal-wait times if urgent. Out of network reimbursement forms offered. Just text us: 757-219-2753. We pride ourselves in being responsive.


Courtroom with judge

Expert Witness

Dr. Sachs has served as a psychiatric expert witness and performed professional, legal services for multiple clients, such as legal summaries, and depositions, and appears in court when necessary. He is double-boarded in child and adolescent psychiatry and adult psychiatry.  Clients can have their lawyers, or lawyers can directly, contact Dr Sachs by texting 757-219-2753 or emailing matthewsachsmd@gmail.com -- prices are determined through a standard, mutually agreed upon contract.

House Calls

In special circumstances, I may be available to see you in the Hampton Roads area in person if needed. Just text me at 757-219-2753 to discuss details and rates.

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After Hours Crisis and Emergency Services

Having a weekend crisis? If I'm in town, I might be able to help. Just text me at 757-219-2753 and we can discuss the details. Emergency appointments are a little extra in terms of cost, but possible, so just inquire if needed.

Avoid The ER

I’ll do my best to keep you out of the hospital and back on track.

Text me at 757-219-2753 for a price quote on these special services.

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