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Tele-Psychiatrist in VA & NC
ADHD Specialist for Children, Teenagers, & Adults 
Treats Almost All Psychiatric Issues, All Ages

$275 60 min initial eval

$135 30 min follow-up

Text 757-219-2753

 Office will text you back within 24 business hours


Courtroom with judge

Expert Witness

Dr. Sachs has served as a psychiatric expert witness and performed professional, legal services for multiple clients, such as legal summaries, and depositions, and appears in court when necessary. He is double-boarded in child and adolescent psychiatry and adult psychiatry.  Clients can have their lawyers, or lawyers can directly, contact Dr Sachs by texting 757-219-2753 or emailing matthewsachsmd@gmail.com -- prices are determined through a standard, mutually agreed upon contract.

House Calls

I'm available to personally meet you in the Hampton Roads area if needed. Just text me at 757-219-2753 to discuss details and rates.

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After Hours Crisis and Emergency Services

Having a weekend crisis? If I'm in town, I might be able to help. Just text me at 757-219-2753 and we can discuss the details.

Avoid The ER

I’ll do my best to keep you out of the hospital and back on track.

Text me at 757-219-2753 for a price quote on these special services.

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